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This help detoxificate our body, the toxic or other cancerous chemical accumulated inside our body which we got from pesticide or fertilizer & preservatives use in our daily food will now be able to be release via the said health gadget. This help & make our immune system stronger, cleans our internal organ and the whole body.. It sucks down out the toxic that causes all type of cancer or other illness and deseases. Because of our industrialized surroundings and environmental stress, our body is exposed to thousands of harmful chemicals everyday. Daily pollutants such as chemicals, radiation, food additives, and other synthetic elements contaminate our body. Toxins accumulate in our bodies through exposure to the air around us and the effects of things like stress, pollution, smoking, alcohol and diet detox treatments with a detox foot spa unit helps to eliminate these toxins which usually results in people feeling better than they did before the detox detox foot spas use an electrically generated ionic water process which stimulates the body helping it to detox. There are 2,000 pores in the soles of the feet, through which your body can release toxins. A detox foot spa unit helps speed up this natural detox process. Benefits: *it relieve the burden of the body organ; *it improves metabolism and blood circulation; *increase energy levels enhancing body''s metabolism, detoxification and nutrients assimilation. *comfortably remove toxins, heavy metals & chemicals from your body. *balance body''s hormone levels, ph, and ying & yang *balance glucose level, lipids, and blood pressure *relieve for arthritis, rheumatism, and water retention *boost the immune system and prevent diseases *enhance numerous enzymatic activities in the body *helps you feel better and younger assisting in your body detoxification process. *improve micro circulation by exerting strong rotational and vibration effects in the molecular level, which are biologically beneficial *increase the delivery of oxygen of nutrients in the blood cell to the body''s soft tissues area *enhance white blood cell function, thereby increasing immune response and the elimination of foreign pathogens and cellular waste products ask marco mondejar, mobile: 0920-7835599, tels: 456-0263, 456-2500, 259-3465, 455-6254

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