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Vietnam Tug, Boat, Ship Inspection Services (Vietnam)

Vietnam Tug, Boat, Ship Inspection Services
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These include Damage, P&I, Hatch, Container Damage, Cargo Loading, Cargo Damage, Condition and Valuation, Total Loss Investigations, Barge Surveys, Tug & Tow Surveys.


Damage surveys are performed on all vessels from pleasure crafts, yachts, fishing vessels as well as commercial vessels. We commence a Damage Survey by obtaining all of the particulars, to include a description of the vessel as well as the incident preferably in the form of a signed and witnessed statement.

We will then perform a complete inspection of the damage as well as a field survey report.

Our client will be provided with our preliminary report on the extent of damage. Typically we proceed to supply the client with a preliminary survey report to include details of the facts, details of the damages, photographs of the damages as well as comments from owner's as to the cause of the incident.

We are available to monitor repairs and repair invoices as requested.


A Condition and Valuation survey is typically required for most small pleasure craft, commercial & fishing vessels. It consists of a complete survey of the vessel using non destructive methodology.

This type of survey, will include our standard survey report describing the vessel, its condition, market value and replacement costs, recommendations as to standards compliance, and photographs.


On Off Hire surveys are often undertaken on behalf of a client who is considering charting a vessel for commercial purposes although it maybe for any kind of a vessel including commercial or pleasure. The registration and all documentation associated with the vessel is examined and reported. All components of the vessel or items associated with the vessel including machinery, cargo handling gear, accommodations, holds and cargo storage areas including decks and hatches, navigational equipment, containers if any, and a measurement of the bunkers aboard are normally part of such a survey.


A Total Loss Investigation is carried out in the event of a total or constructive loss. Cause and salvage costs are a primary focus of this survey.


The primary reason for a Cargo Damage survey is to determine the reason & extent of the damage to the cargo. These types of surveys maybe completed on any type of cargo.

Cargo damage surveys are generally commissioned by the carrier, insurers, receivers or shippers. Our report provides all details of the shipment and carriage. Where possible, we will identify the reason for the damage.


P & I surveys are carried out for the benefit of P & I clubs. They can be as general or specific as the need may require.

They may include details of cargo damage, hull damage or full loss investigation.

Complete details of the vessel its crew, cargo, loading procedures, unloading procedures, conditions of its hatches, weather, ships log and other particulars specific to the Club are included in the report.


Barge Surveys are of interest to the buyer, shipper, broker and the insurer of cargo. They can consist of a pre-voyage inspection of the barge to insure it suitability of the voyage and to register it’s condition.

Subsequently the barge survey will be conducted to calculate the amount of cargo, and it’s condition that is placed on the barge. If required it can be verified on arrival at the barge unload destination.

There are two methods to a Draft Survey; the Displacement Method and Draft Tables. Both are methods utilized by our team.


A Tug and Tow Survey is sometimes referred to as Suitability for Tow Survey. It identifies the vessels to be towed as well as their condition. It also provides detail on the towing vessel including it’s design characteristics, propulsion system, and auxiliary equipment.

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