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Precast Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturer and dealer of prefabricated concrete toilets, garden furniture's, manhole covers and religious worshiping products. It is very sure that we give the best Quality.

Precast Enterprises is a professionally managed Multi product company with a successful track record of over two decades. Our Range of product has created good recognition in the construction field, by using RC Precast Concrete Products, we can reduce the cost & time and the product is confirm to the Indian Standard Specification.


We are pioneer in the RC Precast Concrete products and we are at present concerting on these products of compound wall, doors, windows frames, bench, Thulasi madam, and toilet/ bath/security kiosk. We have been catering to the need of builders, architects, engineers and contractors. They are appreciating the finishing and the quality of our products. Our range of products have the below mentioned features;

  • Factory Made Quality
  • Relocation Possible
  • Eco-friendly / Cleanable Walls
  • Flexibility in Alteration / Expansion
  • Quick Construction
  • Economy and Longevity
  • Site Work Easy, Neat and Clean
  • High Weather Resistance
  • Most Acceptable for Approvals

Concrete Compound Wall

Concrete Compound WallWe are the leading manufacturers and dealers of high quality concrete compound walls. We offer precast compound walls which re easy to construct and time saving. We offer cost -effective compound wall. We offer eco friendly and cleanable walls.

Concrete Door Frames

Concrete Door FramesWe offer prefabricated concrete door frames which are flexible in alteration and are highly weather resistance. Our Range of product has created good recognition in the construction field, by using RC Precast Concrete Products, we can reduce the cost & time and the product is confirm to the Indian Standard Specification.

Concrete Window Frames

Concrete Window FramesWe offer high quality concrete window frames. These window frames are perfect for new as well as old construction in hotel/motel, residential and commercial buildings etc. Being a quality centric organization, we use high grade raw material, which resist to weather and make them last for long duration.

Concrete Religious Worshiping Products (Thulasi Madam)

Thulasi MadamWe also offer religious concrete worshiping products such as thulasi madam, and we also offer worshiping products as per client's specifications.

Concrete Toilet / Bath / Security Kiosk

Concrete ToiletWe are the leading manufacturers and dealers of concrete toilet / bath / security kiosks. Our range of toilet, bathroom and kiosk or security cabins are known for their designs. These security cabins or kiosks being durable in quality and easy to install can be easily set in any area. Often made and used for advertising purposes, these security cabins are fit for the different seasons.

Concrete Garden Furniture

Garden FurnitureWe offer concrete garden furniture which enhances the beauty of the gardens and its surroundings. Our range of benches is weather resistant and highly durable. These can be custom made in any design desired by our clients.

Concrete Manhole Covers

manhole coverOur Precast Fibre Glass Reinforced and Fibre Glass Edge Lined / Framed Concrete Manhole Covers are manufactured in our factory with Fibre Glass Alkaline Resistant Rowing Material as reinforcement and for the edge lining work including outer frames and finishing with concrete (53 Grade OPC cement ) 1:2:2 ratio. These Products are used in pipe lines junctions for the periodical maintenance and cleaning.

Industrial Special Wall

Industrial Special Wall with Precast Reinforced Concrete Columns & Wall panels up to 36 feet height can be erected within very short period of time and on economy cost with factory made quality to enclose the peripheral; to maintain the privacy ; to maintain Industrial safety ; to control Air / Noise pollutions and to prevent trespassers. This wall also can be used as a retaining Wall with specific design.

Storage Shed

Storage Shed / Go down with Precast Reinforced Concrete Columns, Wall panels, Beams, MS structural work AC Sheet Roofing or Pre painted MS sheet roofing for the Industrial usage / Garage / Workshops / Servant quarters and many more uses.


Building with Precast Reinforced Concrete Columns, Wall panels, Beams, Inverted box Roofing and Flooring Slabs. These buildings are most economical, faster constructions with factory made quality and can be used in academic institutions as a class rooms, hostel rooms & mess. Including in the industrial as storage shed /go down / semi permanent office at project site.

Storm Water Drains

Storm Water Drain with Precast Reinforced Concrete and cover slabs can be in bulk quantity and can be erected at actual site with economical cost and faster construction. These products are used in industrial sectors, residential roads and open grounds.

Precast Reinforced Concrete Power Transmission Poles & Street Lighting Poles

We are manufacturing Precast Reinforced Concrete Power Transmission Poles & Street Lighting Poles strictly to ISI / BSI Specifications in bulk quantity in our factory and supplying to Ports, Industries, Airports and exporting gulf countries where they are started replacing MS Pipe & structural poles with Precast reinforced Concrete Poles.

MISC. Precast Concrete Products

We are also manufacturing and supplying tailor made products like Road Kerb, Cable Ducts, Ornamental Pedestals, Spiral Stairs, Hume pipes NP3 Class of 300 to 900MM Dai, Fountains for Parks and Life size Animal Models.

Concrete Bench

We are the leading manufacturers and dealers of premium quality concrete bench. Our range of concrete bench is of factory made quality and is possible in relocating, flexible in alteration and is offer in reasonable price.


For us quality is an inevitable part and we give great importance on the good quality of our range of products. Thus we follow established quality control policy in our company. Our experienced quality auditors strictly check every production process and make sure that everything meets international quality standards. We also have advanced testing facility to verify the quality.


Our Factory is well equipped with all facilities is backed by highly qualified Engineers with the expertise in the field of RC Precast Concrete Product. Our Skilled and experienced workforces adhere to strict quality and deliver the products to the schedule with a very rich quality.

We at our Factory for the precast concrete product, we use OPC 53 Grade cement confirm to 456/1964. Our factory has the capacity to execute bulk orders in a very short notice. We are under taking orders for tailor made quality and specification of the RC Precast Concrete products. We are also engaging ourselves in the specialized / challenging civil Engineering Construction activities for the projects of big industrial houses/infrastructural construction companies.

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